Thursday, December 9, 2010

season's greetings!

Hey ya'll!

Happy almost Christmas! Hope everyone is getting in the spirit and not just getting pissed off that it is freezing cold and you practically need ice skates to get around. Just wanted to update everyone on the fundraising...I know it says $5,000 over to the right, but that is somewhat of a fallacy. I have gotten sooo many wonderful donations, but the $5,000 includes the money that I have put in towards the trip. I am obviously happy to do this, I just didn't want my total to deter anyone from giving!

If you have ever even thought about giving me a Christmas present this year, please please give in the form of a donation. I would appreciate it more than anything else, I promise :)

For those of you in the area, hopefully I will see you at my place on Sunday the 12th. If not, I will most likely be leaving Chicago in about one week, so let's see each other! I want to ice skate, see zoo lights, drink lots of holiday brews, and see some music before I go, so let's make it happen!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and don your gayest possible apparel.


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